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Tandy 1000 TX

The Tandy TX 1000

List Price: US $1299

Release Date: 1987

The Tandy 1000 TX was similar to the 1000 SX with its detached keyboard, unique parallel port edge connector and XT-style architecture in a slightly modified case. The major difference was the 80286 CPU clocked at 8 MHz. Unlike the SX (and other XT-class machines except the IBM XT 286), it featured a 16-bit-wide memory bus (as all 16 data lines from the 80286 are connected to the ROM/RAM memory and Chips and Technologies bus buffer), but the on-board peripherals and ISA slots were 8 bits wide. The TX’s 80286 performed 16-bit transfers to and from memory (partially validating Tandy’s claim that the 1000 TX offered AT-level performance), but DMA transfers and accesses to peripheral devices, including the video logic, were limited to 8-bit width.

The TX had a 3.5″ internal floppy disk drive mounted in a 5.25″ bay with room for an optional second internal 3.5″ or 5.25″ floppy disk drive. It had ports for two joysticks in the front panel which included a volume control and an 18-inch headphone jack. The rear panel had the same ports as the 1000 SX except that an RS-232C serial port replaced the light-pen port. The memory size was 640 KB, with sockets for an additional 128 KB devoted to video frame buffering. The computer came bundled with Personal DeskMate 2.