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Vancouver Computer Repair Service

PC Galore is a used computer repair store located in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver since 1994; specializing in the sale of quality pre-owned computer equipment and computer repair. We deal in both Mac’s and PC’s

Providing computer repair services in Vancouver for 20 years; our technicians meticulously inspect all of our computers to ensure that they are in the best condition, which enables our customers to make their purchases with confidence. Additionally, our refurbished computers come with a limited store warranty to insure you are worry-free with your purchase.

We provide a comprehensive repair service at PC Galore. From replacing iPhone, iPad and laptop screens to OS install, hard drive replacement, data transfer and virus/spyware removal; we do it all at PC Galore.

At our store you will find a large assortment of used and refurbished Apple and PC notebooks, laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, cameras,  printers, monitors and computer accessories. Furthermore, we carry Apple, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Dell, Asus, and many other major brands.

You can also trade your old computers and electronic devices at PC Galore. Our computer store accepts all types of trades. We will buy most used laptops and desktops, provided they meet our minimum specifications – Vancouver computer repair.

PC Galore offers a full-service technical department capable of fixing all types of computers or devices. Whether it be in-house computer repairs or on-site technical assistance, we’ve got you covered. For an estimate or more information regarding our services, please call 604-732-7816 or email sales@pcgalore.com

PC Galore promotes sustainable use of electronic products. We have a recycling program at the store in accordance with the Electronics Products Recycling Association; allowing our patrons to drop off their electronic devices for safe and proper disposal and/or reuse. Please check the recycling Tab for more details on what we accept. We are proud to provide customers with a safe and convenient way to recycle E-waste.

A FedEx Shipping Center is located inside PC Galore. You can use this service to ship, receive or return items – using FedEx. To pick up a FedEx package in our store, please bring your ID and your tracking number.

Visit us and discover our Museum of Technological Antiquities. Our collection of personal computers has been amassed over the past 22 years! Here is small snippet of our museum.

Old Remington type writer

First exhibited during the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition of 1876; the Remington Standard is the fist production instance of the QWERTY layout.

Vintage computers vancouver

Released During the 1960’s; the Digi Comp is a mechanical digital computer kit originally manufactured from polystyrene. It can be programmed to perform basic ALU operations using Boolean logic.

Vancouver computer repair

The Spark that ignited the microcomputer revolution, Altair 8800. This microcomputer is also responsible for Microsoft’s founding product, Altair BASIC.

computer repair Vancouver

Who needs a fan?
Not this machine, or so Apple thought.
Released during the late 80’s. the Macintosh Plus went on to become the longest-production Macintosh ever.

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