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Commodore Amiga 500

The Commodore Amiga 500

List Price: US $699.99

Release Date: January 1987

The Amiga 500 can be considered as a cost-reduced version of the original Amiga 1000 computer, which was released two years earlier in 1985.

The A1000 was an attractive, two-piece desktop model, while the A500 is a smaller, one-piece “wedge”, but still comparable in operation and capability.

The powerful multi-tasking operating system of the Amiga line of computers, as well as their advanced multi-processor design, easily eclipsed the capabilities of the Atari 520ST, it’s main rival. The A500 turned-out to be the most popular Amiga model ever sold, due in part to the many high-quality games released by third-party developers.