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Texas Instruments 99/4A

The Texas Instruments 99/4A

List Price: US $525

Release Date: June 1981

The TI-99/4A is a redesign of the TI-99/4 system, which was discontinued. The new “4A” has a new graphics chip and a better keyboard.

About the only way to expand the original TI-99/4A was from the expansion port on the right side of the console. Memory expansion, a serial interface, a floppy drive and other peripherals can be plugged in here for added capabilities.

TI released the Peripheral Expansion Box as a more convenient way to expand the TI-99/4A. It is huge, and of very solid and high quality construction.

Introduced in January 1982, the Peripheral Expansion Box cost $1475.00, including:

  • Disk controller card and one SS/SD floppy drive
  • RS-232 interface card
  • 32K memory expansion card