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Macintosh SE

The Macintosh SE

List Price: US $2900

Release Date: March 1987

Introduced along with the Mac II in March 1987, the SE came with 1 MB of RAM, one or two double-sided 800K floppies, and space to mount an internal SCSI hard drive (the second drive bay held either a hard drive or second floppy – no room for both, although that didn’t stop some people from creating a bracket to mount a hard drive in a two-floppy SE). The SE was the first compact Mac with a built-in fan.

The SE is sometimes referred to as the SE/20, SE 1/40, 4/80, etc. “SE/20” is not an official designation, often leads to confusion, and should not be used. These are not different models, nor should an “SE/20” be confused with the more powerful SE/30. These numbers refer to the amount of memory and size of the internal hard drive, so an “SE/20” would have a 20 MB hard drive and an SE 4/40 would have 4 MB of RAM and a 40 MB hard drive.