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Macintosh Plus

The Macintosh Plus

List Price: US $2600

Release Date: January 1986

Introduced in January 1986, two years after the original Macintosh, the Mac Plus shipped with 1 MB of RAM, a new double-sided 800 KB floppy drive, and a built-in SCSI port (the first Mac so equipped). Not only was 1 MB more RAM than PC-class machines could handle, but the Plus could be expanded to 4 MB total RAM! (Earlier Macs came with a fixed amount of memory with no upgrade path.)

The SCSI bus on the Mac Plus is officially rated at 1.25 MBps/10 Mbps by Apple, although real world testing shows it to be barely over 0.26 MBps/2.1 Mbps – which is still 4x the speed of Apple’s earlier floppy port hard drive.