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Service and Repair

Computer problems? Looking for Windows or Mac repair in Vancouver?  Call us at (604)-732-7816 or EMAIL US to get a quick diagnosis and estimate.

We perform Windows and Mac computer repair in the Greater Vancouver Area.

  • Laptop screen replacement and repairs
  • Hard Drive replacement and O/S install
  • Data transfer, backup and recovery
  • IPAD, IPHONE, TABLET screen replacement
  • Virus and Spyware removal

If we estimate that your computer repair will take longer than expected, we will happily provide you with a loaner computer or laptop while your computer is in our shop. (A deposit maybe required. Ask in store for details.)

In-Store Service

We can fix almost anything. We work on laptops, desktops, LCD and LED Televisions, iPads and tablets, Apple and Android phones, printers and most computer components and also provide circuit level repairs. Our experienced service department is able to fix most computer hardware and software issues quickly and efficiently.

In shop service rate: $100/Hour. 1 Hour minimum.

On-Site Service

Need us to come out and fix your computer or network at your home or business? Do you need help setting up your new computer and peripherals? We can do that! Same day service available most days. Give us a call or email us!

On-Site service rate: $148/ 1st Hour. $80/Hour after the 1st Hour. 1 Hour minimum+trip charge

Remote Connection

While most computer problems are best addressed in our service department, some problems can be tackled instantly via Remote Desktop. Call 604-732-7816 and we will determine if it is an option.

Remote service rate: $60/hour

Virus Removal

Do you think your computer might have a virus? Bring it in right away! We will be able to remove all of the latest viruses, malware and spyware from your computer.

Flat rate: $150

Windows Repair

Remember, we are used computer specialists. We can fix any version of Windows: 3.1, 95/98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 up to current.

Windows repair/Re-install and update: $180

Apple Repair

As experts, we are able to repair any kind of MacBook, Iphone or Apple device. We can replace broken displays, repair your logic board, upgrade your hard drive and much more.

Apple Repair: $100/Hour. 1 Hour minimum.

Data Recovery

Uh oh.. Did your hard drive just crash? We can very likely get those important files back for you. Just bring your hard drive or computer to the store and leave it with us!

Data Recovery:(Min $100) $98/hr

Surgical Microscope Repair

Did you accidentally spill water or any other liquid on your computer laptop? Electronics and water do not go together but don’t panic. We provide the last technology in surgical microscope prepared for fixing water or liquid damage.

Surgical Microscope Repair rate: $120/Hour. 1 Hour minimum.

Windows and Mac Computer Repair Vancouver
Windows and Mac Computer Repair